London Mayor announces electric buses for London by the end of 2016 – London Business Services


The year 2016 will mark the revolution towards public transportation in London. The year, when the London Mayor announced that electric buses ( learn more about electric buses at electricien provins Brechemier will be roaming the street of London by the end of 2016, will show you that technology has outdone itself yet again. This would mean for you that transportation has evolved from simple gas use to electrical use. Going to Buckingham Palace to the Big Ben will be a cleaner ride for you because unlike gas powered buses, electric powered gasses wouldn’t give off dirty smoke that can harm the environment and the air.


With the announcement of newly functional electric buses, the tourist industry of London may increase due to the new attraction of electric buses, especially since London is very well known in the world for having the double decker. The design of the electric bus wouldn’t be any different from the double decker because it is designed after the double-decker except for its power source. Now that the electric bus is ready to use, you wouldn’t need to worry about charging your phone because there are 12 seats that have USB socket that can allow you to charge your phone. The electric bus can also show the next five stops so that you will know the next destination. This is where technology can help and improve buses to be more adapt in the modern world.


Riding the electric bus will be smoother and high tech especially with today’s advanced technology, the electric bus can cope up with the demands of the modern people and their technology. The electric bus in London is known to be the largest in all of Europe which only add to the increase of tourism. With the electric bus roaming around London, there will be less toxic emission that has harmed the clean air in London. Air quality will improve in London, and the people wouldn’t need to worry about air pollution in the area especially since air is a vital element for you to survive. The demand for electrical engineers may be high in London for someone to maintain and care for the bus. This will help you know what course you will take when you go to college( see this website )


With the creation of the electric bus, a lot of things may change in London for the better. There will be a whole new meaning when it comes to public transportation since it can now serve the people and their carry on technology. Things around London will be different now since they are trying to adapt to a rapidly changing world and where your demands have increased. The announcement about the electric bus can spark so many changes and development that because of technology it may be of help to shape the future of London. So if you are in London for vacation or visiting a relative, try using the electric bus to lessen air pollution to feel technology at its best.






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