French Accounting Firm, Spira Twist to set up in the UK – London Business Services


Spira Twist and Associates is one of the leading french accounting firms which assist international companies to operate in France.

Spira twist was managed by a talented person who was one and only Mr. David Spira who completed his study of MBA from Duke University.

Spira twist and associates is one of the best company who helped for more than 20 years international companies to expand their activities in France by providing tax,payroll services and high-quality accounting.

So spira twist and associates became one of the successful managed team who helped international companies for more than 20 years and now Spira twist and associates became the major independent accounting firms with more than 20 years of experience in accounting industry in France dedicated to foreign companies.It is also a proud member of international associations such as UK200Group and IAPA

.This firm is the best firm which gives foreign companies a chance to enter in French market and also succedeed in building a strong relationship with group based on availability,reliabilty,great people and to create value for branch and group and the capacity to advise them on French local specificities.

When you sometimes approched to spira,twist and associates then they always tell you that they would be able to manage the transition from UK accounts to FRENCH accounts and you dont believe that this has been done easily for quite a few years now. The firm also provides auditing services to foreign groups enter the french market and this is one of the top accounting firms in France which is an independent english speaking professionals accountants in France which assist foreign clients with their new venture.

The firm gives the best level of services,completeness and accuracy in his work means that it tries his best to be in a top firms of France.The firm assist their clients with setting up a representative of foreign firm,a branch or subsidiary and a liaison office.They will liase with banks,lawyers and other advisors if necessary.The firm always assist their client over years to choose the most important legal entity to start their operation in france with their right foot.

The firm assist you with initial employee registrations,social contribution,annual social returns,social payments,preparation of payslips and payroll and sometimes also provide assistance on social regulations and employment laws.

The firm provide tax services in which they provide advice on local effects of group transfer pricing policies and on tax opportunities.In corporate finance it also helps you to assist with the preparation of business ideas and vendor due diligence and sometimes they offer their assistant throughout the entire process of acquisition and disposal.

Spira twist and associates provides auditing services including financial statements according to international standards and reviews for US/UK auditors.Over the years the firm is developed and consolidated a network of experts to help their clients.The firm decided their goal to achieve a long term relationship with their clients and partners to create value.So in this way the firm becomes one of the best firm in France which helps foreign companies for more than 20 years with their best perfomance.

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